this monmth i got lost in a line of code

This month I got lost in one line of code.

here it is: myURL = ""& myWord & "&btnI=I'm+Feeling+Lucky"


Inspired by a book of surrealist games, I fleshed out the simple script that assigned url's to information added by users into a piece in and of its self, LA LINKIS!


This, I've noticed, is following a trend I've spiraled into over the last year, where I focus on consequitively narrower aspects of a project, and spin each indiviual aspect into its own piece. The INFORMATION ECOSYSTEM spun out of one piece of my sci-fi cybernetic lichen world, and LA LINKIS! spun out of one line of code from the INFORMATION ECOSYSTEM.

It's made me realize how those projects with insane attention to detail get done. It's not just detail, it is a series of individual projects that all fit within each other, like the spirals of a conch shell.

source code for this month (you'll need the free stuffit expander Director 8.5 to open it.)