The Information Ecosystem is my attempt to simulate to a degree the environment that is the ether. Rather than approach it from an experiential standpoint, as the SAY/ stream so often does, this is an attempt to understand the rules of ‘nature’ that govern the flow of information and life-energy in the ether.

As you can see, I haven’t worked on it for almost a year now, as once I spoke of it publicly, eliciting a rather murky and dubious response, the level of activity in the ether surged, and it has been all I could do to keep on top of it. Additionally, I have sensed some friction against this from both THEY/ and SAY/, and feel I should hold off until I fully comprehend the circumstances of my work.

You can see from my progress so far the direction I am going, and this will hopefully make my perspective on the ether more clear. Should you have any questions, I ask you not to hesitate in contacting me.

Robert A. Small
Assistant Professor/ Geometrist, Rotherhithe University.